SMSF Audits

SMSF Audits

Fast Turnaround

We have designed our own specialised audit program software that automates parts of the audit, allowing us to conduct robust and effective client audit procedures without compromising quality. We, therefore, focus on the elements of the audit that have the highest risk or add the most value to your clients.

Provided you have given us all the necessary documentation to complete the audit, our average turnaround time is under 4 days or you will hear from us with queries! Often we complete audits within 48 hours.

SMSF Piece of Mind

We’re CPAs. So, you know from the start the type of firm you’re dealing with. Professional, Ethical. All of the qualities that you need to become, and remain, a CPA. We’ve committed to undertaking the initial and ongoing training necessary to meet the SMSF Audit CPD obligations of the joint statement. You can be sure that we’re up to date with all the latest changes.

Fixed Price

We offer a Fixed Price service for each and every fund that you have, on the basis that we service all your SMSF clients. That way you, as the practitioner, are confident of the fee in advance. The only thing that we ask for is every fund – not just the really hard ones! For one-off and special assignments, we ask you to contact Redmans for a quote.

You’re in Control

We’re not in the business of contacting your clients. That is your job, which means you have no concerns about the client relationship. Our client is you. Our adherence to professional ethics guarantees the confidentiality of your clients’ information.